How To Travel Sustainably When You Hire A Camper Van

Travellers worldwide are now more interested in exploring responsibly and minimising their environmental impact while satisfying their wanderlust. Sustainable travel can make a significant difference for road trips, especially with a rented camper van.

At Big Blue Campers, we encourage environmentally friendly travel. We also assist you in exploring sustainably. Additionally, we want you to experience the freedom of the open road.

Embrace the eco-friendly ride

Travel light

Minimise your load to reduce fuel consumption. Pack only the essentials and consider the weight of your belongings, as a lighter load contributes to lower emissions.

Plan green routes

Explore eco-friendly campsites

Choose campsites that prioritise eco-friendly practices. Look for sites with recycling facilities, renewable energy sources, and a commitment to preserving the natural surroundings.

Practice leave-no-trace camping

Be a responsible camper by leaving no trace behind. Follow Leave No Trace: pack out waste, minimise campfire impact, and respect wildlife and vegetation.

Minimise environmental impact

Optimise your driving habits

Drive mindfully to conserve fuel. Drive at a consistent speed, don't waste fuel by idling, and choose the best route to lessen your environmental impact.

Reduce, reuse, recycle

Embrace the three Rs on the road. Minimise single-use plastics, bring reusable containers and utensils and recycle waste responsibly at designated facilities.

Sustainable lifestyle on the road

Eco-friendly packing

Pack consciously with a focus on sustainability. Choose reusable items, bring your own shopping bags, and opt for eco-friendly toiletries to minimise your environmental footprint.

Support local and sustainable businesses

When stopping along your route, choose to support local and sustainable businesses. Go to farmers' markets, eat at local restaurants, and do activities that support responsible tourism.

Leave a positive impact

Offset your carbon footprint

Consider offsetting your carbon emissions by contributing to verified carbon offset programs. This proactive step helps neutralise the environmental impact of your travel.

Educate yourself and others

Stay informed about sustainable travel practices and share your knowledge. Encourage fellow travellers to adopt eco-friendly habits, creating a ripple effect of positive change within the travel community.
Travelling eco-friendly in a camper van involves more than just the destination. It also includes the journey itself and the positive impact on the environment.

At Big Blue Campers, we're committed to providing not just a vehicle but a platform for eco-conscious exploration. Join us on an eco-friendly journey, where every mile takes us towards responsible travel. Check the availability of our camper vans here and book in your next camper van hire journey.

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